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The Dangers of Finis Dake and The Dake Bible

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Some of you visiting this web site may have never seen a Dake Bible and have no idea who Finis Dake (the author of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible and other written works) really was. Others of you have used or read the Dake Bible (or other written materials by Dake) or have had a pastor who used the Dake Bible.

Finis Dake was one of the most well know pentecostal preachers of the early 20th century (1902-1987). He wrote the Dake Annotated Reference Bible which contains many thousands of study notes, as well as other books and materials.  Many Charismatic and Pentecostal believers and pastors  still use Dake’s Study Bible, ‘God’s Plan For Man’,  and other written  materials. Though he died in 1987,  many thousands of  copies of the Dake Bible, his systematic theology – God’s Plan For Man, and other written works are sold every year to unsuspecting Christians.

I want to make very clear to you that this web site is NOT an attack on Pentecostalism.  I earned an M.Div. from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (and an STM from Liberty Seminary) and hold many pentecostal beliefs.  While in Seminary I read some of Finis Dake’s Study Bible Notes, as well as his book "God’s Plan For Man" and discovered that Finis Dake’s theology is cultic and heretical on almost every major core belief held by Christians for centuries.

To Those Who are Fan’s or Followers of  Finis Dake:

Many of you reading this are fans of Dake. My intention in putting together this web site, collecting articles, and writing new articles on Finis Dake is not to attack or irritate you. My goal and the hope of my heart is that you will be able to see the false theology that Dake teaches and receive the truth that Christians have believed for centuries.  I may disagree with other Christian groups on minor points of theology but still consider them brothers or sisters in Christ.  I would never (for instance) call someone I disagree with on the timing of the rapture, or many other ‘minor’  theological beliefs a heretic. My goal though is to help you understand that Finis Dake denies the very basics of what Christians have believed for hundreds of years (especially beliefs regarding who God is and God’s nature).  Some of the beliefs he denies include: The Trinity (he teaches tritheism which is three different and completely seperate god’s, not the Trinity or Monotheism), he denies God is all-knowing (omniscient), all-powerful (omnipotent), everywhere present (omnipresent), and many other beliefs or doctrines about God. The God of the Dake Bible is not the true God that Christians have worshiped for centuries, but is instead a distortion and a false picture of God.  Worshiping and believing in a false view of who God is, is deadly to a persons salvation. You cannot be saved by believing in a false and distorted Jesus. Finis Dake undermines the entire foundation of our Christian beliefs.

How Does Finis Dake and The Dake Bible Deceive?

Some of you who have read Dake’s written works will protest. Some of you right now are saying to yourselves that  Dake has stated his belief in the Trinity and God’s other attributes many times throughout the Dake Study Bible and his other works. Yes, I agree he does use those theological terms or words,  BUT he does so very deceitfully. What do I mean? I discovered after many, many hours of reading Finis Dake’s written works that while he may use a theological term such as "The Trinity" he carefully changes the meaning of the word to mean something completely different than its accepted and standard meaning. For example, he will say that God is Omniscient (all-knowing). Then in many places in his written works he will very openly state things like God cannot and does not know what any human being is going to do in the future. That God learns things he did not know before. So he may use the ‘right’ theological terms and words when he is discussing God, he has distorted and changed the meaning of almost all of them.  I will attempt to point out how Dake has manipulated and changed the meaning of key parts of our Christian beliefs as I write new papers and explore Dake’s distorted and deceitful writings. Some of you may take offense to my calling his writings deceitful. My aim is not to offend you.  Finis Dake though makes it very clear that he understood what Christians have traditionally believed. As a result, he is not ‘accidentally’ completely changing the meaning of specific theological words, but does so with the full understanding that he is leading many to believe he holds to those beliefs. So if he states in a particular chapter that God is all-knowing (omniscient) but has redefined and changed the meaning of that word someplace else in his writings then I believe he is trying to deceive Christians.

On the Internet it is ‘easy’ for people to make unsubstantiated claims.  In the upcoming articles (beginning first with an article on Dake’s distortion and denial of the Trinity) I will provide evidence from Dake’s own writings to prove beyond a doubt what he is teaching is not biblical Christianity, but a corrupt and heretical distortion.  For some of the topics I will also provide links to biblical articles at (there are for example about 8 articles on the Trinity).

The articles on Finis Dake that we already have are written by a variety of authors. These articles touch on all of the major areas that Finis Dake and the Dake Annotated Reference Bible deviate from true Christianity.  Future articles will examine specific beliefs or issues more in-depth.

Below you will see a list of all the current articles on Finis Dake.

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