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  1. Eric Wilbert
    04/25/2011 @ 7:56 pm

    Did Benny Hinn get his ideas of the Trinity from Dake? The whole “there’s really three of them” thing.


    • admin
      05/30/2011 @ 9:32 pm

      Hi Eric:
      Benny Hinn has read and been influenced by the Dake Bible and Dakes teachings. Only Hinn would be able to say to what extent other teachers influenced his beliefs (and in turn his teachings). Dake’s teachings seem to have influenced many faith teachers.


  2. Robin
    06/15/2011 @ 2:44 am

    Thanks brother. i almost got convinced by dake’s notes until i was forced to find out its mistakes by God. I couldn’t believe my eyes when i read about the Trinity and Heaven and Jesus Christ. i also would like to know if dake’s view on the gap theory is true. I am a born again and baptized christian and a member of the open Brethren.(plymouth Brethren)


    • admin
      06/15/2011 @ 9:24 am

      Hi Robin:

      Thank you for your post and taking the time to better understand the errors that Dake teaches.

      The Gap theory is a relatively new (last century) interpretation of Genesis. There is little biblically to support this view. For example, many who hold to the Gap theory say that dinosaur bones were from the pre-adamite flood. To me it makes more biblical sense to say they were from Noah’s flood. Some folks have tried to make (force?) the Bible to agree with the currently accepted interpretation of the earth being billions of years old (these are just interpretation based on an anti-God worldview and not something that can be proved in a lab). There are many scientist though (such as at and that emphasis the issue is not the fossil record, but how the data or collected facts are interpreted. Everyone has their own ‘worldview’ or filter that they filter facts through. Scientist’s at most schools are taught there is no God and hence any data that might support a young earth are rejected outright. Dake I believe wanted to believe in both an old earth and the Bible, but the gap theory ends up distorting both.

      That being said, I do not believe that whether a person accepts or rejects the gap theory will have any impact or their salvation (though all doctrine or beliefs influence our lives to some degree). Finis Dake completely distorts the Christian Faith and Who God is – that is why my focus here at has been on pointing out error that changes and distorts our view of God from being Awesome to just being a little better than men. In fact, at some point I’ll be sharing an article on Dake’s view of man as being ‘miniature gods’….

      Thanks again for posting..


    05/08/2021 @ 8:23 am

    I was aiming to look for money to buy dake bible when i stumble at this write up that open my eye to some view point of the dake author.then which bible can u recommend for indepth study.thank u. esther


  4. Pastor Aiman
    12/06/2021 @ 11:16 pm

    Sir I was cofused when I read the Dake Bible in which it the notes that 4 men were crucified along with Jesus..
    NT page 89..of Dake…..[former edition] Luke 23:32..
    Notes..a] Evil-doers, criminals…., There seems to have been TWO CRUCIFIED with Him and TWO MORE A LITTLE LATER, making FIVE CROSSES..


  5. Pastor Aiman
    12/06/2021 @ 11:18 pm



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