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  1. Sherrie
    01/05/2015 @ 6:31 am

    I am so appreciative of this information as I desired a Dakes Bible . I believe the Spirit of God led me here in order to see this account. Yes man is truly infallible BUT Praise God, He is NOT! I certainly could in no way have a God like the one Dakes described! As for the stuff he did or did not do, I will let God be the judge of that. However had I been one of his followers at the time, I would have found someone else to follow!!!! I follow man as they follow Christ and I’m a firm


    • Richmond Ncamani
      01/24/2018 @ 2:29 am

      Thank you, it was indeed the Holy Spirit that led me to this website, someone recommended the Dakes bible to me and i searched because it was the first time i have heard of it, and he vowed about it to be the best read, but after i have gone through your explanation i understand why i was not supposed to read it

      Thank you


  2. Stella
    07/19/2015 @ 2:59 pm

    I’m deeply appreciative that you have the courage to put the truth out there for believers to read. Decided to do a search on Finis Dake because I have his bible, but never ever expected to discover that he is a deceitful prevaricator. It’s interesting how he blames it on the devil.


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