Thank you for visiting It is our hope that you will be able to learn more about the Bible, theology, prophecy,current events from a Christian perspective, and the truth about Islam’s teachings and beliefs.

Why another website on theology? There are a lot of websites that offer articles and information on theology. Our goal to enable Christians to defend their faith and to be able to witness tto others. We have several different main sections (each with an appropriate url or domain name for that topic) to our site that we hope will provide you with good information, facts, and help with your Biblical Studies, Interpretation, and Interactions with others..

Biblical Theology

This section has articles and information on the Biblical Theology such as: God, salvation, spiritual gifts, The Trinity, and the Bible. This section will also compare and contrast the theological differences between Calvinism and Arminianism. If you are looking for an article on theology check this section out.

Prophecy and Future Events

This section includes articles that discuss topics such as the Rapture, Anti-Christ,and other future events. There are also categories on Heaven, Hell, and other prophetic events. It is our general belief that the rapture is either Prewrath (occuring before God’s wrath is poured out) or Post-Tribulational (at the end of the tribulation). While we may have some articles on the Pre-Tribulational rapture, we believe biblically, that it is incorrect.

Because we believe Christians will not be raptured till after Satans wrath has run its course (during the Great Tribulation), we encourage Believers to make preparations to survive the Tribulation. Our Survival section has more information specifically on Survival Skills, Theology, and more.

Prepare to Survive the Tribulation, Disasters and more!

This section of our website has articles and information that may help you to survive the great tribulation, natural disasters, and terrorism. There are many different survival web sites that have excellent content. There are also many different websites that focus on prophecy and the endtimes. though will attempt to focus specifically on how to prepare, understand, and protect yourself and your family from a Biblical and Christian perspective.

For example, one of the topics we discuss is: can a Christian use deadly force to protect himself or his family? During a severe SHTF situation, a Christian may be called upon to defend their family or another person… Have YOU thought through what you would do from a Biblical perspective? Will you be prepared for surviving the great tribulation if there is not a Pre-Tribulational Rapture?

Biblical Counseling

This section will discuss biblical counseling Theories, Systems, putting theology into “practice” and what the Bible has to say about common personal issues like depression and anxiety.Most of the counseling by counselors and even many pastors is not biblically based. Instead they rely upon the theories and beliefs created by fallen man (who are opposed to God’s way of doing things). Many seminaries and bible colleges teach secular theories and beliefs on how people should deal with issues such as depression, anger, etc.

The Dake Bible

The Dake Study Bible (written by Finis Dake) is a main focus in this section. We offer the most complete selection of articles on the internet which expose the errors and false theology of the Dake Bible and its author, Finis Dake. Thousands of Christians around the United States use the Dake Study Bible and other books by Finis Dake without realizing the extremely unbiblical doctrine and teachings it contains.

The Truth About Islam

This section includes articles and posts that discuss Islam and current events. Some of the topics that will be discussed include Muhammad, Islam’s early wars against Jews, Christians, and other Non-Muslims, the Crusades and other historical interactions between the worlds two largest religions. We will look at the beliefs of Islam and how they differ from Christian Theology. We also include quotes from Muslim sources to show you what Muslims believe in their own words.

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