This section contains articles on Heaven and Hell.  Almost everyone (including a large percentage of non-christians) believe in heaven and most ‘believe’ they deserve to go there. While the Bible has a lot to say about Heaven, it also has a lot to say about Hell also.  The vast majority of Christians have always believed that there is a literal Hell where those who reject and are opposed to God will spend an eternity hating and cursing God.  There is a small minority of folks that do not believe in a literal and eternal hell and instead believe everyone will eventually be saved (such as Rob Bell) and others that believe in the end all those who reject God will be simply destroyed and cease to exist.  The following articles on Hell  show that the correct Biblical position is that human beings, as eternal beings, will choose during their lifetimes here on earth where they will spend an eternity. The Bible is very clear that Hell is eternal and and a terrible place to go. In the future we will be having some book reviews and discussions of Rob Bell and his belief that everyone will eventually be saved.

Heaven and Hell