Hell is a subject that is not discussed much in our Churches today.  Many  have rejected it and try to persuade others that it doen’t exist.  Some say “God is too loving to send someone to hell!  I say…. God is too loving to force someone to endure Heaven who would hate it there.

I decided to write on this subject after reading a novel by Paul Thigpen called “My Visit To  Hell” (This is an updated version of his novel called: Gehenna.”).

I rarely read novels (maybe one per year), but I highly recommend this one.

The novel is sort of a modern version of Dantes Inferno.  In fact, Dante is referred to several times during the book.

Basic Synopsis:

I don’t want to give too much away about the book but here are some highlights:

The main character, Thomas, is a liberal seminary professor who professes to be an agnostic.  He does not believe in the Bible let alone in a literal Hell. After arriving in Hell, Tom is escorted through the various levels and rings of hell by “Miss C” (his nickname for her). During the time he spends traveling, dodging and hiding from Demons, he comes to a much greater understanding of Hell and its occupants. He both comes to understand God’s Justice and God’s Love.

While the book is a novel, it will really cause you to rethink your views on Hell and the eternal consequences of our actions here on earth. The time we live is short compared to the time many will spend following their choice: separation from God and His Love!

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