A Patriotic Look at American History and Freedom of Religion

Were you taught the truth about America’s history in school?  Many schools are (and have been) teaching a progressive view of America’s history that distorts the true values, actions, and intentions of the Founding Fathers.  Very few schools (even Law schools) teach and explain the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, or The Federalist Papers. Those that do often purposefully teach a distorted ‘progressive view’ instead of teaching what the original intent of the Founding Fathers were.

Another emphasis of this site will be Religious Freedom. Religious Freedom is under attack in America. Many articles will look at  what has happened in the past when Religious Freedom has been denied.  We must caution our readers that some of the articles on Religious Freedom may ’step on you toes’ because some well know leaders of the Reformation denied religious freedom to others. Drowning, burning at the stake and other forms of  murder and torture were often the result of denying religious freedom.  Today religious freedom is often denied in many Islamic countries: with the result that Christians are frequently killed without any reprisals on their murderers.

Below is a listing of our articles so far. Since this site is new, it will take a while to build up our articles for you to read.  Thank you again for visiting our site (and let us know if there is a specific topic you would like to see covered from history).

Below is a listing of original  History Articles and Founding Documents currently on the history section of LearnTheology.com

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