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Recently I contacted an old friend on Facebook (I only reluctantly created a Facebook account and only visit it once a month or so).

Many years ago (a little longer than a decade ago) I  was a staunch 5 Point Calvinist. I attended a conservative PCA Reformed Church. At the time I was excited about Reformed theology and shared Calvinism with my friend.  My friend is still a strong Calvinist, though I began having doubts about Calvinism and moved away from it after a few years.

There are still several aspects of Calvinism that I enjoy and appreciate: such as God’s Sovereignty (though I believe this attribute of God is carried to extreme by Calvinists).  I enjoy debating theology though I have to admit I did not enjoy this debate much. Up till this point in my Christian life (of more than 23 years) I had never been called a heretic.

I was disheartened to see how my friend had been impacted by Calvinism. While he did not respond much, neither did he contradict or interject when his friends called me and other Christians who are not Calvinists heretics. 

I am sending this post and the following link to the actual article to my friend. I pray that he knows I truly love him and do not desire to hurt our relationship.

I feel responsible for his being a Calvinist since I am the one who shared it with him. It brought home to me once again how our beliefs and actions can have both good and bad affects on others.

While he is grateful I shared Calvinism with him, I am sorrowful.

Here is the link to the main (full)  article.  The names of those involved (except for mine) have been changed so that no one will be offended.


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