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Finis Dake and His Federal Conviction

Finis Dake and His Six Month Sentence to Federal Prison

      Finis Dake (author of the Dake Study Bible) was sentenced to six months in prison after taking an underage girl to three different motels on a trip across state lines. Dake called her his "wife" at each motel they checked into. He was found guilty of violating the Mann Act. Dake blamed his "error" on the devil and complained that the local authorities were against him. Dake did not apologize to the girl or accept full responsibility for his actions.

      Finis Dake wrote the old testament commentary notes prior to his trying to take advantage of this minor, and wrote the new testament notes while in prison (suffering "like Job"). The Dake family often try to say that those who believe the Dake Bible is unbiblical are taking Dake out of context. It is the aim of this web site to provide proof from Dake’s own writings and history to back up our statements. Below are some copies of actual newspaper articles from his trial. Just click on the thumbnails for larger pics. The .pdf contains all of the pics.

Important: click on the thumbnail to open a .pdf which contains a scan of the actual newspaper article. In you .pdf reader you can increase or decrease the size of the scan to make it more readable..

Complete .pdf of all Dake News and Trial Documents (4.5 MB)

Finis Dake - Dake Bible - Admits He Had Petting Parties with a Minor - Minor Rape

1. Dake admits to ‘petting’ parties with a child. He accepts no responsibility but blames it all on the devil.

Finis Dake - Dake Bible Sentenced to 6 Months in Prison

2. Finis Dake admits his guilt and pleads guilty. He had taken the girl to three different motels on their trip.

Finis Dake Starts 6 month Federal Sentence in Jail

3. Finis Dake decided to write the commentary to his Bible while in Jail. He again blames the devil for his sin.

Finis Dake - Chicago Tribune

4. The Federal Trial took place in Feb. 1937.

Finis Dake - Dake Bible - Kissing Wife after Cheating on her

5. Finis Dake kisses his wife as he gets ready to head off for his 6 month jail sentence.

Finis Dake - Dake Bible - Leaves for Jail Time

6. Dake blames the devil for his problems. He believes he is like Job in his suffering (though Dake forgets Job did not suffer for his own personal sin).

Finis Dake Starts Federal Sentence as a Convict

7. While Dake went to prison for 6 months, the victim was taken from her family and placed in a girls ‘home’. Dake would not tell her he was sorry.

Finis Dake - Dake Bible - Flock is Blinded to Dake's Guilt

8. "It’s Not my Fault… The Devil Made me Do it!"  Finis Dake appears to have never admitted and repented of his sin… it was not his fault.. it was the devils!

Finis Dake - Dake Bible - Ministry Application with the Assemblies of God

9. Finis Dake’s Ordination Application – page 1.

Finis Dake - Page 2 - Ministry Application with the Assemblies of God

10. Finis Dake’s Ordination Appl. page 2.

Finis Dake - Ministry Ordination with the Assemblies of God

11. Finis Dake Ordination Cert.

Finis Dake - Dake Bible - Ministry History 1

12. Finis Dakes Ministry History with the Assemblies of God.

Finis Dake - Dake Ministry History - Card 2

13. Finis Dakes Removal from the Assemblies of God.

Finis Dake - Dake Bible - Christianity Today Article

14. Article in Christianity Today on Finis Dake and the Dake Bible.

Finis Dake - Dake Bible - Dake Family Response to Christianity Today

15. Response to the Christianity Today Article.

Finis Dake - Dake Family - Ad in Christianity Today

16. Ad taken out by the Dake Family in Christianity Today.


This section of this article has been added in response to a comment by "Unknown" below. I have quoted "Unknown" and answered this person here because I wanted to add a map and make a longer reply to him/her.

Where does Dake say, “the devil made me do it”? You have this quoted as if this is an actual quote which came from his lips, but I have seen your evidence and nowhere do I see this quote.

Your right, Dake did not use those ‘specific’ words himself. What he did say in article 1 was: "I am disgusted with the devil. If the devil had a tail and I could get ahold of it, I’d grab it and wrap it around a tree." Doesn’t it sound to you like he is blaming the devil for what happened? Instead he preaches to his church after he was convicted (before the sentence was carried out) that he is being persecuted like Job was in the Old Testament (Articles 3 and 6).

We often see similar situations like this in the news today: someone with power gets involved in some kind of ‘improper’ relationship’ with a woman and then denies it. Here with Dake though we see that he pled guilty to violating the Mann Act. What did he plead guilty too? "

Mann Act:

"Whoever knowingly transports any individual in interstate or foreign commerce, or in any Territory or Possession of the United States, with intent that such individual engage in prostitution, or in any sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both"

Did the prosecutor have other evidence? It is mentioned in the articles that they had evidence from the three motels he stopped in. There was enough evidence that Dake believed he would be found guilty and possibly sentenced to a much longer jail term if the case went to trial. Instead he (and his lawyer) were able to work out a shorter sentence by pleading guilty and throwing himself on the mercy of the court. Would an innocent man plead guilty know he would go to jail? I don’t believe so.

I am a parent. How would you feel if your underage daughter was picked up by a man almost twice her age, taken across state lines to three different motels (for a trip that was less than 350 miles), and engaged in petting parties? If you were a pastor, responsible to God and your congregation, would you (as a married person with an 8 year old child) pick up a young, underage girl then drive less than 17 miles to a motel to spend the night with her? How about then going to two more motels and spending the night with this underage teenager while your wife is at home taking care of your children?

It seems to me that you are interpreting what he said out of context. I read the article, and to me it seems that Dake did take responsibility. He said that he got some sense knocked into his head, implying that he needed some sense knocked into his head.

What responsibility did he take? It seems to me that he only admitted (publicly) that he had allowed the devil to get the better of him. He seems to be saying that his mistake was to innocently take this poor girl and try to help her… and then the devil takes advantage of the situation! Did Dake make a public apology to the girl? No, in fact he just stared at her without smiling or saying a thing as she was being led a way to her ‘reform school’ (The Wisconsin Industrial School for Girls) (see article 2).

I never saw him confess to having “petting parties”. Yes, these are the allegations of the hitchhidker but based on your evidence, Dake denied these allegations. If you don’t like the Dake bible that’s fine, but you should attack based on things which can be proved, not on the words of a hitchhiker.

He pled guilty! What do you think he pled guilty too? Violating the Mann act which was more than just taking a girl across state lines… it was transporting a girl across state lines for prostitution and other sexual activity! A guilty person can say whatever they want when they are in front of the cameras (or reporters), but he legally already admitted he was guilty. What other evidence than "JUST" an underage teenager did they have? The articles don’t give much information, though they do seem to indicate they had evidence from the motels where he lied and signed in as "Mr. C. Anderson and Wife."

Also to answer your question specifically, In article 6 it states that Dake admitted to the ‘petting parties.’

I don’t want to come across as harsh, but I get almost the same impression from some of Dake’s followers as I do from from Jehovah Witnesses. The JW’s believe the WatchTower organization is ‘perfect’ in the sense of never making a mistake. Why can’t Dake’s followers just admit that Dake was flawed and sinful (as we all are)? Many seem to almost believe that Dake’s writings are inspired and will do everything they can to defend him. Like many other men in positions of authority and power, Dake gave into his impulses and hurt his wife, church, and reputation.

It’s funny how you refer to the ‘hitchhiker" and try to insinuate that maybe she made it up. He admitted and pled guilty to it! Also the underage victim, she has a name. Her name was Emma Barcelli. She was 16 years old. She suffered as a result of all of this and was forced to go to a girls reform school. Instead of Dake preaching whoa is me, and claiming to be being treated like Job in the Old Testament (never mind Job was innocent, while Dake was being held responsible for his own actions) he should have been publicly apologizing to her, her family, and his church.

It’s interesting how the victim is often blamed. The prosecutor had enough evidence that Dake was afraid to go to trial. He plead guilty! How is that just on the words of a ‘hitchhiker.’ But even if it was ‘just’ the hitchhiker, should we ignore the victim because it’s ‘just her word?’ Blame the victim maybe? 

There are a lot of interesting ‘tidbits’ in the newspaper articles if you read them closely.  I doubt most things lawyers say (since they are paid to phrase and word things in a way that will put their client in the best possible light). One of those interesting ‘tidbits’ is in article 2.  Dake’s lawyer says "…There no actual moral offense involved here. He desisted upon her request." The lawyer says his client ‘desisted upon her request.’  First,  Dake had already admitted to the presecuter that he had petting parties with the girl. The way I understand the lawyers statement here is that Dake wanted the underage girl to do more than have a ‘petting party.’   Dake asked for more and the girl said NO! Dake desisted (stopped) what he was trying to get her to do when she asked him too.

Another thing (and there are many) that makes no sense in Dake’s statements: Dake picked up the girl and drove her to a motel that was less than 17 miles from where he picked her up. The motel was less than 8 miles from Zion Il where his wife and house were located.   So Dake’s followers would have us believe that he picked up the girl and instead of taking her to his house (where his wife and child were and where he would have accountability) he took her to a motel 8 miles away? Lets be real folks!  How many married people pick up young attractive (underage) girls and take them to motels less than eight miles from their home for godly reasons! 

Dake’s Official Biography by Leon Bible

Here are a few comments about statements in Dake’s ‘official’ biography regarding these events:

First, Mr. Leon Bible (like Dake) seems to put the blame for these events on the Devil instead of Dake’s misdeeds (this biography is very one sided and continually tries to put Dake in a positive light instead of giving the unvarnished or unbiased truth). P. 245 states "It is at times like these, when the kingdom is advancing and the work of the Lord is being done, that the Devil lets loose with his greatest attacks. This was the case for Dake." (Leon Bible, Finis Jennings Dake,2006). Yes I believe that the devil will attack God’s workers, but the ultimate responsibility for our sin is our own. We can only blame ourselves (something Dake and Mr. Bible can’t bring themselves to do it seems).

Another ‘inconsistency’: on page 246,  the biography states that "Years later, he told Lester Sumrall that he had passed this girl hitchhiking along the side of the road in winter time." The idea seems to be aimed at getting the reader to believe that it was freezing cold outside and Dake was trying to help get the poor girl out of the cold. There is one big problem with this story: Dake transported and stayed with 16 year old Emma on April 26th NOT in the middle of the winter! (See Article 2). It was almost  May, not January or February!

Another example of the Leon Bible showing bias in his bibliography (published Dake Publishing) is when he attempts to make excuses for Dake by stating on page 246: "Zion, Illinois, was more or less a border town, situated only about three and a half miles from the Wisconsin state line. In the course of everyday life, many residents of Zion crossed the border every day." So since Zion IL was 3.5 miles from the Wisconsin border its ok? First the biographer is down playing the fact that Dake did NOT drive her 3. 5 miles, but instead drove her almost 350 miles! He drove her from Wisconsin almost all the way to Missouri (to East St. Louis which is right across the border from Missouri!). Leon Bible also NEVER mentions that Dake stayed at the first motel less than 8 miles from Dakes wife and home! He also never mentions that Dake stayed with her in two more motels (three motels in a less than 350 mile trip!) on his way to East St. Louis!. 

The rest of this section deals with, according to Leon Bible, how Dake’s church and wife ‘stood by him.’  First, what does that prove?  No matter how bad the crime there always seems to be someone who will stand by them.  Leon (being biased again) leaves out those that did NOT stand by him. For example, the denomination he was ordained with, the Assemblies of God, removed him from fellowship and took away his ordination/credentials (see article 13). 

Now Leon Bible in his biography of Dake makes many statements with absolutely nothing to back them up (good biographies will have some footnotes. The Biographer does not use any foot notes in this section). For example he states on p. 248 "As for the girl, she herself said that nothing happened."  There (like in most othe places in this biography) are no sources quoted or stated.  I go on record as asking the author, Leon Bible to publicly post his sources where he got some of his ‘facts’ from regarding this issue.  I have collected every newspaper article I could find on this issue and found nothing to support the claims Mr. Bible makes. 

Dake’s Motel Stops:

Finis Dake stopped at three different motels while taking the underage girl from Kenosha, WI to St. Louis. The first motel was only about 17 miles from where he had picked her up. Here is a map with his stops:

Dakes Motel stops with underage girl

1. The first stop after leaving Kenosha was to drive less than 17 miles and stop at Waukegan, IL. At all three motels he gave a fake name and registered her as his wife (Mr. and Mrs. Anderson).

2. After leaving Waukegan, IL, their next motel stop was in Bloomington, IL – about 166 miles. Again he changed his name and lied about the underage girl being his wife.

3. Finally after leaving Bloomington, IL, they drove 161 miles to East St. Louis, where again he said he was Mr. Christian Anderson and the girl was Mrs. Anderson.

So if we are to believe Dake’s story, then we would have to ask why did he stop at the first and last motel with the young girl?  There was no need to stop at the first motel: it was less than 8 miles from his home!   Leon Bible in Dake’s biography seems to indicate that Dake’s sister (p. 247) lived in East St. Louis. So once they arrived in East St. Louis Dake could  have dropped the young teenager off at his sisters house but instead of stayed in yet another motel with her!

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18 Responses

  1. Jack P. Bond says:

    I have nothing but respect for the man.After reading all i can on the subject,i can honestly say…there was no justice serve in his time.I sometimes pick-up questionnable persons and offer them rides when the weather or cold is nipping at them.I can see how easily that can happen to anybody.God’s the judge and he will vindicate him.He who has ears…hear.May God richly bless your Ministries and may you prosper.One day we will all see him face to face and it will all be forgotten.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jack:
      Thanks for posting. I am assuming from reading your post that you possibly read the ‘account’ of what happened with the hitchhiker in Leon Bible’s Biography of Dake. Mr. Bible left out some important details which I have posted below. :

      Any Pastor (or Chrisitan) that engages in sexual immorality causes damage to the cause of Christ. Dake had “petting parties” with 16 year old Emma Barcelli and was sentenced to a 6 month prison term. Dake was found to have stayed at motels in Waukegan, Bloomington, and East St. Louis with her. Each time he registered at “C. Anderson and Wife.” Dake did not just drive a few miles across the state line as Leon Bible seems to insinuate, but drove at least 360 miles total. After this incident with this underage teen, Dake failed to repent and continued both at the time and for many years to blame his indiscretion on the ‘Devil.’ For Dake, the Devil really did ‘make him do it.’ Emma Barcelli was ‘sentenced’ to the Wisconsin Industrial School for Girls till she turned 18 (almost triple the 6 months to which Dake was sentenced). While all Christians have and will commit sin, it is disturbing that Dake did not repent and accept responsibility for his actions.

      Jack you said: “I sometimes pick-up questionable persons and offer them rides when the weather or cold is nipping at them.” I assume that your picking up (underage teens) strangers does not also involve taking them to multiple motels for ‘petting parties’? Most have not read the details of what he really pleaded guilty to (here on this site I have copies of the actual newspaper articles you can read if you desire).

      On a side note, there was much that I found enjoyable about other aspects of Dakes life while reading his biography. He seemed to be very sincere. I believe though that he was sincerely wrong in many of his cultic beliefs and teachings.

  2. sayno2self says:

    Brother Admin, what proof do you have that Rev. Dake never repented? Is there some sort of document that you can use to prove he never repented?? Did he tell you personally he never repented or did one of his family members tell you this?

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike:
      My ‘proof’ that Dake never repented is based upon:

      1. Dake never accepted responsibility for his actions (you can see for example the written proof in the news paper articles). Dake continued to insist it was the Devils fault (The devil made me do it…) and that he never did anything wrong (never mind the fact that he plead guilty to the charges). There are numerous newspaper articles available that give direct quotes from him.

      2. If Dake had repented (or even admitted ANY guilt) I believe it would have been mentioned in his autobiography. The biography published by his family many, many years later (even after his death) continues to assert that he did nothing wrong (hence no reason to repent).

      I would like to add a couple of things:
      First his ‘official’ biography (published by the Dake family) is very biased in leaving out important details regarding this event.
      Second, Dake plead guilty to the Mann Act: which means he plead guilty to “the interstate transport of females for “immoral purposes”. The Mann Act was also called the “White-Slave Traffic Act of 1910.”

      Mike: tell me the truth … if you were innocent of a crime, would you have plead guilty? The government had the proof that Finis Dake had stayed at three different motel rooms with this girl. I have no reason to believe that Dake and Emma were having Bible Study in the motel rooms! It was not a ‘short trip’ as his biography would seem to indicate, but was several hundred miles. Dake was not the first pastor (nor will he likely be the last pastor) to commit sexual sin and adultery, but his refusal to confess that he had sinned is devastating.

      Questions for you:
      1. Is it ok for a man (or woman) to commit adultery?
      2. Is it ok for a man twice the age of a teenage girl to have sex with her? (i.e. rape of a minor)
      3. Finally, if that person never repents, are they a true Christian?

      We all make mistakes and need to ask God for forgiveness. I know I’m not perfect (just ask my wife!)! As Christians though we MUST ask God for forgiveness ans accept responsibility for our actions. We cannot grow as Christians if we only blame others for our sinful actions.

      I would have respected Dake much more if he had only accepted responsibility for his sexual sin instead of blaming it all on the “Devil.”

  3. mark says:

    I see Jack P. Bond ,is also suspect ,making excuses for other child molesters. Anyone taking a 16 year old to a motel several times is just what it looks like. Thats why he plead guilty, get a clue Jack,,ass

  4. anne says:

    hi good morning im anne and im 17years old.. i saw mr. dakes bible on my father’s shelf.. and i read it. i thought everything that was being written inside that book was TRUE … and now im really confused on what to believe..all that i read from that book was “good” but then after i saw this website i felt that my heart is falling into a million pieces.. haaaaiiist im so sad..

    • admin says:

      Hi Anne:

      Thank you for posting. The Bible is in fact God’s Word to us. I am sad to say though that “everything that was being written inside that book was TRUE..” is not correct. The Bible text itself (in the case of the Dake Bible it is the King James Version or KJV) is God’s Word. The notes (columns on the sides) are NOT a part of the true Bible. The notes are just written by a man (in this case Finis Dake) and are not inspired. The Bible was inspired by God, but not the notes.
      If you are new to reading the Bible I would encourage you to get a Bible that is more easily understood than the KJV, such as the New King James Version.

      There are also other places on the internet where you can read good versions of the Bible such as: .
      Some good english versions of the Bible include the NKJV (New King James Version), NASB Updated (New American Standard Version – Updated), ESV (English Standard Version) and the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible). All four of these versions are conservative are more easily understood than the KJV (the KJV was written hundreds of years ago and the English Language has changed a lot since then).

      I encourage you to let the Bible and God’s Holy Spirit to continue to touch and work in your heart. God loves you so much…


  5. Sandy says:

    do you know if Jimmy swaggart ministries use dakes bible

    • admin says:

      Hi Sandy:

      I’m not sure if Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry uses it publicly. I read in one of Jimmy Swaggart’s books (published in the 80′s, I can’t remember the title right now) where Swaggart taught exactly the same thing as Dake regarding the Trinity (i.e. he was teaching tritheism: 3 completely separate Gods).


  6. Lisa Harris says:

    I own a Dakes Annotated Bible. I have been amazed at the amount of understanding and interpretation he had for the complex text that it is. However, I do not discount what he did. It was morally and legally wrong. Whether or not he made his repentance known, I am not sure. But, he was not a hero, he was not and Apostle, nor was he a disciple to look up to. He was only a man, and we are all of sin. Do not glorify the man, but understand that God’s word (no matter who writes it or speaks it) is annointed, and it will not return unto him void. God bless you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Lisa:

      Thank you for your comment.

      Finis Dake has written extensively and there are some good things in the Dake bible. Like many things that satan does though, he often mixes enough truth with false teachings to distort the truth and lead people astray.

      I would like to comment on the follow sentence you wrote (and maybe I’m reading more into than you meant but I wanted to point something out for others): “but understand that God’s word (no matter who writes it or speaks it) is annointed, and it will not return unto him void.” I just want to make sure others know that while the biblical text intself (which is contained within the dake bible) is inspired and is ‘God’s Word’, the notes and comments written by Dake are NOT inspired or God’s word. While I agree God’s Word will not return to Him void (it will have an impact) so will the corrupted teachings of Dake have a negative and destructive impact on those who read it.

      If Dakes Study Bible contained only error it would likely have very little impact within the Christian Church. Because it is a mixture of good and bad though it has a much greater chance of being used by satan to distort and corrupt the belief systems of many christians.


  7. Unknown says:

    Where does Dake say, “the devil made me do it”? You have this quoted as if this is an actual quote which came from his lips, but I have seen your evidence and nowhere do I see this quote.

    It seems to me that you are interpreting what he said out of context. I read the article, and to me it seems that Dake did take responsibility. He said that he got some sense knocked into his head, implying that he needed some sense knocked into his head.

    I never saw him confess to having “petting parties”. Yes, these are the allegations of the hitchhidker but based on your evidence, Dake denied these allegations. If you don’t like the Dake bible that’s fine, but you should attack based on things which can be proved, not on the words of a hitchhiker.

    • admin says:

      Hi “Unknown”

      I decided to answer your questions in more detail by appending a section to the main article (that way I could include a map and more details). Please see the bottom of the main section above for my response.


  8. Hooday says:

    Regarding your Google map of Dake’s mileage from Chicago to St. Louis area: There were no interstates in 1937, so all his traveling was done over county highways and the like. It made the trip all the longer.

    • Grandpa Bear says:

      Typing into Google maps Kenosha WI, Bloomington IL & East St. Louis IL then clicking the options to avoid highways & toll roads brings the results of a trip of 370 miles & less than 9 hours (averaging about 42 mph). I used to drive rigs through IL & 40-45 mph on state routes is a pretty reasonable estimate.
      Even accounting for conditions in 1937, the only excuse for a hotel stop 8 miles from home is ….. nope, can’t think of one my wife would accept. A stop in Bloomington IL could be accounted for by a break-down, which isn’t mentioned in anything I’ve read. A hotel stop in the same town as sis-in-law … nope, my wife wouldn’t accept that one either.

  9. Justin says:

    Hi I recently purchased the Dake Annotated Reference Bible because I just wanted a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s Word. But after reading several of Dake’s notes on issues such as sickness, disease, healing, and faith I began to question its validity. So I decided to do a bit of research and found this website. I just want to say I’m very thankful and praise God that there are websites such as this in order to expose false teaching. Many unsuspecting Christians, such as myself, are in danger of being deceived if it wasn’t for people like you who are willing to defend the truth. I believe you are Biblically correct in your comments on Dake’s heretical teachings on the Trinity and the nature of Jesus, and you have provided substantial evidence from the Scriptures. Your analysis proves that Dake teaches a different Jesus, and therefore he preaches a different gospel.


  10. jojomama says:

    he was a pedophile and an adulterer! i can’t imagine anyone being anointed to interpret the bible with these kind of ungodly passions, it’s not ok and it’s not what the most High would have desired. he is an imposter and there are many in the last days! go burn your Dake bible because it is an accursed thing!

  11. mike Dniels says:

    Hi, when you do an article like this(and i know u researched a little becasue i saw your articles) the thing is, you need to talk more about the law at the time and its purpose and how it was flawed.. Im not saying Dake wasnt a douch’e… im just saying you coulda threw in a couple more names IE jack johnson who went on to marry the same girl he did time for.. besides his sexual perversions have nothing to do with the word of GOD. All i can say about the dake is “be careful” for every form of religion whether read or spoken is a brainwash and will teter in your mind… BTW in the old days(even though we think its sick) when a girl menstrated it meant she was ready…. it didnt mean give her another 3 yrs to bake lol! laws have perverted man in their own ways along with the WORD… A a man to many…. just be careful! just be careful! BTW i love your page and opinions,and this was meant in no way to disrespect you or any christian… there are always 2 sides of a story unless the Court of law doesnt want two sides 🙂 have a blessed day everyone…… BTW im just a man/father/husband/carpenter nothing more, just tryin to find my way back

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