Thank you for visiting the survival section of our website.

   We hope you will find interesting and helpful information here.  

   I believe it is only fair to let you know up front what our thoughts and focus will be for this section of our site.

   There are many different internet websites on that discuss survival issues (some of our favorites are listed under "Survival Blogs" in the left column of our site). 

   With so many different Survival websites in existence why add another one?  Almost all Survival websites approach the topic from a non-religious viewpoint: they discuss survival skills, what to expect, how to prepare, etc.  Very few have any significant focus on this issue from a distinctly Christian viewpoint.  While we will include some posts on survival skills, preps, weapons, etc., we want to focus on how these issues pertain to Christians in particular. For example:

     Some Christians disagree about whether it is permissible (biblical) for Christians to use a weapon to defend themselves against an attacker. Some fine tune  this argument by saying Christians should not use violent means to defend themselves, but that biblically it is allowed for Christians to use such means to defend the helpless or 3rd parties. 

     Another example might be: Should Christians prepare for a tribulation period or disaster?  Some believe Christians should "depend on God" to meet our needs and so there is no reason to prepare. Many of the issues the more ‘mainstream’ Survival websites take for granted may cause uncertainty with many Christians.

     Our goal (main focus) will be to explore the theological and biblical underpinnings of what is biblical, and what should (or should not) be allowed from a Christian/Biblical  worldview.

    Over the next week I will be posting my book review/response to a book titled "Fight, Flight, or Faith?" by Charles Cooper. I think this multi-part interaction with Cooper’s book will give you a good idea of the direction this site will take. 

    We look forward to interacting and responding with you on this and other issues in the future.

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