Below are some short book reviews.

A New Systematic Theology of The Christian Faith, 2nd Edition

This is a really good Full Systematic Theology from a 5 point calvinist point of view. It’s also more “fun” to read than some other systematic theologies I have read.

Author: Dr. Robert L. Reymond

Chosen By God

If you are looking for books from a Calvinist viewpoint, R.C. Sproul has many, many books. This particular book looks very closely at predestination from a Reformed/Calvinist viewpoint.

Author: R.C. Sproul.

Debating Calvinism: Five Points, Two Views.

Debating Calvinism is a good book if you like books in the format of a “debate.” This book allows two authors, one Calvinist and one Arminian to debate back an forth.

Authors: Dave Hunt and James White.

Grace, Faith, & Free Will: Contrasting Views of Salvation – Calvinism & Arminianism

I highly recommend this book if you are looking for an excellent Conservative Arminian presentation. Unlike some books on both sides of this debate, the author gives an accurate view of both theological systems. This book is my number one pick.

Author: Robert E. Picirilli

Life In the Son

This is a large volume dealing strictly with Perseverance (whether a believer can become unsaved). The approach is from an Arminian viewpoint. Very in depth yet easy to read.

The Author also has an excellent volume called: Elect in the Son. It is one of the best books on Election I have read from an Arminian point of view.

Author: Robert Shank

The New Chosen People

This book focuses strictly on the doctrine of Election. It takes a “Corporate” view of election. It is very thorough in its treatment of the topic.

Author: William W. Klein

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