Its now May 22, 2011.  I am gone.  I am probably dead as I was not a follower of Harold Camping and I didn’t believe that Jesus would return on May 21, 2011.  If I am still alive, I probably have no access to a computer.

Harold Camping was a true prophet of God.  He correctly figured out God’s timetable and he correctly found the date of Jesus Christ’s return hidden in the Scriptures.  Jesus has now come and you’ll face an earth that will now spiral out of control without the grace of God to intervene.  Camping must be held in high regard by those left on the earth as he tried to warn them that May 21, 2011 would bring the rapture of the Church (well Camping’s followers) and millions were killed as the beginning of the end was launched with earthquakes, storms, etc.

Camping taught that we now have 153 days until the end of the earth.  I hope we will repent and confess that Camping was right, we were wrong and we confess that he was a prophet of God.  Almost sounds like the confession of the Muslim doesn’t it?

Happy trails to you all and may Jesus truly come in power!

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