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  1. Victor
    04/19/2011 @ 12:54 pm

    Dear Sirs,
    I love your website and it told me history that history books don’t tell us.
    Like the rise of the Mongol empire was bases upon reacting against Muslum aggression and the brave heroic fight Of India against terrorist Islam and Vlad the Impairer’s reasons for reacting against muslum terrorists.
    Again,evil Islam wants to destroy Israel and the UN supports the anti-semitic Arabs by condemning Israel for fighting back but not holding the Muslums accountable.
    This reminds me of a story;
    After the American Civil War the black slaves were freed but some racist whites didn’t like this.
    A racist white runs into a police station yelling”The niggers are out to kill us whites off”.
    The policeman says”What makes you think this?”
    The racist responded”I tried to beat up a nigger but he wouldn’t let me!”
    That is typical of Islam when they use Civil Rights to cover up their evil agenda.Claim they are presecuted when they have aways persecuted others.People must be informed of the real nature of Islam and should stop believing in Bridges TV.