The Root causes why America was attacked on 9/11 by the Jihadis.


Al-Mawardi (d. 1058), a renowned jurist of Baghdad, in The Laws of Islamic Governance states the critical connection between jihad and payment of the jizya. He notes that "The enemy makes a payment in return for temporary peace and reconciliation." Al-Mawardi then distinguishes two cases: Primarily, payment is made immediately and is treated like booty. Secondly, payment is made yearly and will "constitute an ongoing tribute by which their security is established". If the payment ceases, then the jihad resumes. He adds "it does, however, not prevent a jihad being carried out against the infidels in the future for converting them to Islam, in spite of their having paid the jizya."


Many Americans ask themselves, why do the Muslims hate us so much that they had to attack us on 9/11 in this mind-boggling manner? But very few can zero down on the precise reason.


The first attack on our Homeland was with hijacked airplanes. The next terrorist attack on the USA could be with trucks and truck-trailers. Unseen and unreported in the media, many persons of Middle Eastern origins have been acquiring driving licenses for heavy vehicles and especially for inflammable, combustible and Hazardous chemicals.


Some of us seek the causes in the foreign policy followed by our administration, across the globe. Some like Michael Moore and others of his ilk, come up with answers that the reason for this schizophrenic and paranoid hatred lies in our support for the Arab regimes in the Middle East, our control of the oil infrastructure in the Gulf region, the presence of our troops in that region, our relative prosperity and free and liberated way of life which the masses of the Arab world cannot share, and the greatest bugbear of all of them – our support to Israel.

But all these cannot explain why (counting from the year 2006) nearly 1372 years back in the year 634, the Muslims launched their first merciless attack on the Christian kingdom of Byzantine, and converted the local Christian population to Islam at the point of the sword, after capturing Jerusalem, Damascus, Cesaria, Antioch and Cairo (then called Babylon and later Al Fustat).

Why was this first unprovoked attack on Christendom unleashed?

The Byzantine Christians had not attacked Arabia, they had not attacked Muslims. Then why were they attacked by the Muslims? The reason for this attack lies in the rejection of the Dawat-ul-Islam (Invitation to embrace Islam) sent to the Christian Byzantine Emperor Heraclius (Heraclios) by Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah, the lecherous mass murderer who was the founder of Islam.

This invitation was in fact an ultimatum to either embrace Islam, or surrender to the Muslim armies and pay protection money to the Muslims through a penal tax called Jaziya or to prepare for war. (It is in the same spirit that the beastlike Ayman Al Zawahiri calls upon President George Bush to embrace Islam). Since Heraclius rejected all these demands, the Muslims launched their first major attack on a Christian kingdom in the year 634 (they had launched a smaller attack five years earlier in 629 at Mu’ta and had been defeated).


The Jihad Against America (2001-Present) | america2

The orgy of the jihadists burning of the Stars and Stripes is a barometer of the hatred which they have for us. Had it been possible, they would have burnt us instead of our flag, as they in fact do with each other among Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq. Islam is based on hate and expresses itself through hate and hate alone. The demented mentality will be erased through hate, when we learn to hate Islam and express our hatred through nukes and neutrons.

Publicly burning our national symbol, should have been enough cause for us to launch an unmanned drone to release a nuclear payload on these murderous Muslim mobs. The Muslims respect only the language of blood and death. It is high time that we spoke to them in that language alone.


This story of Muslim aggression and occupation of Christian lands, repeated itself over the next 1372 years when the Muslims launched unprovoked attacks on Christian Egypt in 640, on Christian Nubia in 650, on Christian North Africa in 650, on Christian Spain in 711 and again on 3/11), on Christian France (under Frankish rule) in 732, on Christian Sicily in 812, on Christian Byzantine again in 1071 to 1453, on Christian Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Hungary Austria, Poland Russia in the period between 1389 to 1683 and on Christian America on 9/11.

All these Christian nations were invaded by the Muslims not because they had any grievance against them, not because they had attacked the Muslims, but because it was in the world view of the beastlike Muslims to attack all non-Muslims and convert them to Islam. That was the reason why we were attacked on 9/11.

Any attempt by traitors to humanity like Moore and his ilk along with the communists, Islamofascists (Jihadists), the Greens, the Peaceniks, the no war brigade, to link 9/11 with any illusory, imagined grievance of the Arab Muslims against us is done deliberately to lead us away from defending our homeland and defending civilization.

These folks know that in a face-to-face confrontation with Islam today, Islam is bound to lose and be destroyed. So to enable Islam to acquire Nuclear capability, the communists, Islamofascists, the Greens, the Peaceniks, the no war brigade keep up with their Road Shows, lengthy articles in the NYT, the Guardian and other media that is under the shade of "Code Pink". If we fail to Stay-the-course and do-whatever-it-takes to defeat and destroy Islam once and forever, then folks we are done in for.

It is high time we face the fact that the Muslims will keep attacking us till either we submit to Islam or we destroy Islam utterly. This defining statement is going to decide the way the war on terror, or the war on Islam progresses in the 21st century.

Many American strategists argue that the grievance that Osama bin Laden has against America is because we have stationed American troops marines in the Arab nations. This is not the reason why Osama is gunning for us. Yes, he does not want us there, but he will not stop at that. He wants us out, so that he could engineer the fall of the existing regimes and replace them with a Caliphate that will rule over a Muslim Super-state (Khilafah). This again will not be the end of the story.

The Islamic Agenda for Global Islam

Osama and after his death his one billion co-religionists, would want to carry on the aggression to re-conquer the erstwhile Muslim occupied nations like Israel, Spain, India, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, etc.

And this again would lead to the final leg of his journey of terror, to spread the rule of Terror (Islam) to the Western World (Europe USA, Latin America, Australia) and the rest of the non-Muslim world (India, China, Japan, Southern Africa). And on this journey of terror, he and his ilk would have no qualms to use any weapon whatever the death toll.


The Jihad Against America (2001-Present) | america3

The sequence of shots that display the beheadi
ng of Nick Berg. Can anyone in one’s right mind want to negotiate with such scum who behead members of their own species?

The Muslims have in them not one ounce of compassion to reflect our common humanness. Such shit-pieces can only be remorselessly hunted down with nukes and neutrons


Osama and his thugs would like to see the USA and the rest of the non-Muslim world terrorized with mass deaths thru dirty bombs and with proper nuclear weapons, whenever he is able to lay his hands on them. With this kind of a ruthless and soulless enemy, we need to aim at not having any kind of a dialogue, but to find ways and means of how to destroy our enemy totally and permanently, with least damage to ourselves.

Al Qaeda’s Economic Warfare

America’s endurance lies in our economic strength. Osama wants to undermine that. He understands the value of economic warfare, and so his latest missive is for the destruction of the oil infrastructure in the Middle East. He wants to cripple the global economy, by pushing up oil prices by damaging and disrupting the production of oil. In this context we need to strike at the heart of the matter – literally. Our aim should not be to damage the enemy’s infrastructure, their command and control apparatus, but to aim for a highest possible death toll among the enemy with every strike, using conventional or non-conventional weapons. We are sorry to state this brutal reality: The only way the world can ensure a peaceful co-existence with the Muslims will be when all Muslims Rest-in-Peace. The only way to a Muslim heart is to put a bullet in to it. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.

Only a Killer of all Muslims can be the Destroyer of Islam. Only when there is a mindset visible to the Muslims that is prepared to kill all Muslims, will they some of them submit and give up Islam, after most other Muslims are killed.

The Muslim who will give up Islam will include those Muslims who are in their hear of hearts convinced that Islam is evil, but do not have the courage to speak out, for the fear of being killed by other Muslims. The irony here is that only when the world develops and displays a mindset that is ready to kill all Muslims, will it NOT be necessary to kill off all of them, but Islam will be destroyed as the sensible among the Muslims, give up Islam. Till such a mindset prevails and is displayed to the Muslims, the stranglehold of Islam over the minds of the billion and a half Muslims cannot be smashed.So only when the death-glorifying Muslims realize that they too are facing a death-dealing adversary, can they (or some of them) relent. There can be no compassion while fighting a cold dispassionate enemy like Islam.


The Jihad Against America (2001-Present) | mp abu ghraib

The most damning and graphic evidence of savage Muslim depravity is seen in this animated decapitation of Nick Berg. Trying to reason with such savages is like reasoning with a killer shark, as Tom Fox, the Christian Peacemaker found out by paying for it with his life.

These savages understand only one language that of doing them all in with industrial efficiency. We need to use our technological prowess to defeat their savagery which anyway, we cannot and do not desire to match. But if we do not do them in, then folks we are done in for.


The Novelty of the Jihad against America

The history of Jihad that we have traced through its bloodied march across various countries in this site, has undergone a transformation when it comes to America. So far the Jihadist hounds came howling and shrieking in an open Jihad like wild beasts. But the Jihad against America though it was heralded with 9/11, was not a result of an open invasion, following the Dawat-ul-Islam to President George Bush. Although some Islamic clerics have asked President Bush to repent and seek refuge in Islam and make himself safe, as were the Sassanid and Byzantine Emperors and as have many Kings, and Chieftains been threatened before the formal Muslim invasion could start.

The Howling Jihad gives way to the Creeping Jihad

But in today’s situation where the USA is the sole hyperpower, the Jihadis cannot be that stupid to have an army massed at American borders, give an ultimatum to the American President to embrace Islam, failing which the Jihadists would invade the USA shrieking and screaming across American cities like Boston, Chicago, Detroit to ultimately stop at Washington DC, where the Americans would be given the choice of Islam, death or Jiziya, as had the hapless Zoroastrian Sassanid Persians, the Syrian Christians of Byzantine, the Hindus of India, the Visigoths of Spain, the Serbs, Croats, Bulgars of Europe.

This cannot happen today simply because the Jihadists cannot match American firepower. This is the Sole Reason why the Jihadists have not started a land invasion of the USA. If they did then they would be pulverized into atomic dust with the US nuclear arsenal. And if the Jihadists had the kind of firepower to outmatch America’s, then the fate of the Americans would have been no different from those of Islam’s earlier victims.

The only thing that stops the Jihadists is that their capability trails their intentions.

The Jihadists have started creeping into the USA stealthily, so that at the right time, when no one suspects them, they could strike in a dramatic way, as they did on 9/11. The beasts of yesteryear will operate like termites, by corroding the structure of their adversary from within, silently, and bring down the roof. When nobody expects it to fall.

But we need not be all that surprised, since the declared aim of the Muslims is to Islamize America. Some Jihadi schools have chided the Al Qaeda for acting prematurely and upsetting the applecart of deceit of corroding America from within, so that in a few decades Islam would have been in a position to take over the USA from within.

In fact Saudi government literature collected during the past year from American mosques also tells Muslims living in the United States to "behave as if on a mission "Behind Enemy Lines" says an 89-page report released by Freedom House, a Human Rights Group, founded by Eleanor Roosevelt. (Freedom House is one of the oldest human rights groups in the United States.)

This is no hearsay, but has been published in the American Media. Our Administration better take preventive action without further delay. 9/11 and the pronouncements of bleeding America with a thousand cuts from the Muslim leaders points in an eerie direction.

If the far less dangerous Japanese Americans could be interned during World War 2, then the far more virulent American Muslims should all be Interned in Gitmo Bay like camps.

The Muslim-leftist takeover of American Universities

"Code Pink" has already sunk its claws into American Universities. Many of the influential Chairs at leading American Universities are occupied by those who favor terrorism. Be it Yale, Harvard, Ann Arbor, we find many Deans openly displaying pro-terrorist tendencies in the kind of curriculums, they devise, the kind of questions they ask in the semesters, the content of the lectures they deliver in classes.

Organizations like CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) have been richly funded by the Saudis to cultivate important media personalities, journalists, even the judiciary is being undermined with the use of legal cases that pit the African-American community against the rest. Prisons, are being used to hunt for convicts who nurse an imaginary grudge against the society of their birth. In addition to all these, more sinister and nefarious des
igns are being undertaken. Designs that escape our notice.

Middle Eastern men qualify in droves to be drivers of truck trailers ferrying hazardous chemicals. Why is this so?

One tendency is to get driving licenses for Truck-Trailer driver to carry hazardous chemicals and combustible material by men of Middle Eastern origins. The next terrorist attack on the USA could be with trucks and truck-trailers.

EMP attack coming to America when the Jihadists get a nuclear devise from Iranian regime or a rouge Pakistani general

The next attack on the USA could start with an EMP explosion with some nuclear devise supplied by Iranian regime or a rouge Pakistani general to the Jihadists. The EMP attack would immobilize our overwhelmingly electronic based lives. It would immobilize our telecommunication network, the Internet, the Financial money transfer systems like SWIFT, broadcasting services (TV and Radio).

This would be followed by hundreds if not thousands of near simultaneous attacks through trucks ramming, Federal and State Administrative Headquarters, Courts, Landmark Buildings, Universities, Major Libraries, Gas Stations, Banks and Financial Institutions.

The Dry Run in Bangladesh for hundreds of coordinated bomb attacks

We are not trying to create a scare or panic, by saying all this. This is precisely what had happened in Bangladesh last year when more than 450 small bomb blasts were exploded almost simultaneously to demonstrate the reach of the terror network.

This, we believe, was a dry run for what has been planned in the USA after our networks are immobilized after an EMP attack. So we need to strike at the terror networks and their nuclear capabilities in Iran and Pakistan (if Musharraf regime is upturned by a Jihadist coup), before they can strike us in a manner that will make 9/11 seem like kid-stuff. Is America ready to do this, Is anyone at the Oval Office or the Pentagon listening?

What the World Owes to America

Today we see American soldiers dying at the hands of the Jihadists, especially in Iraq. Yes the Jihadists consider all non-Muslims to be their enemies be they Filipinos, Australians, Russians, Israelis, Indians, Serbs, Croats, etc. But it is the Americans who are taking the maximum losses in terms of lives lost.

The world over, it is American casualties that are taking place in these initial battles of Iraq and Afghanistan, that presage a long drawn World War 3. In future, these sacrifices would be looked at in hindsight as those who laid down their lives to ensure that the world remained free, free of Islamic savagery. History will redeem their memory along with those who died on D Day at Normandy.

Islam, Fanatic Islam and Islamic Terrorism

Today many the world over are innocent of how Islam was founded, how it grew and what Islam implies for the future of Humankind. So there are endless debates that Islam is a religion of peace, that all Muslims are not fanatical, and that we need to differentiate between, Muslims and terrorists.

The reading of the story of Islam so far should be enough to dispel the notion that Islam differs from Islamic fanaticism, or that Islam is a religion of peace and that the Terrorists have hijacked a peaceful religion. No it is not. It is Islam which gave birth to Terrorism, which started from the evil mind of its founder Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro – may his name and memory be obliterated) and has filtered down to the last follower (Muslim) today. Islam is Fanaticism, it is high time we woke up to this chilling reality.

How Islam prevents Muslims from leaving Islam – Murder any Muslim leaving Islam

Mohammed (yimach shmo…) was a shrewd man who knew that there was always a danger of Muslims deserting Islam and reverting to some other less blood-thirsty religion, so he made it an offense punishable with death for anyone leaving Islam, having once accepted it. According to the Shariah, a Murtad (Muslim Apostate) has to be killed, and it is the duty of a Muslim to kill any other Muslim who leaves Islam.

The murderous Quran is the inviolable word of god

There can also never ever be any discussion on the murderous commands of the Quran, since it is the word of god, or so Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro – may his name and memory be obliterated) told his followers.

Assemble five times a day to swear your loyalty to Islam

To be doubly sure that his flock remains together in to its murderous ken (prison), he decreed that it was compulsory for all Muslims to come together and pray five times during the day. So there wasn’t any chance for his followers to leave Islam and emancipate themselves.

Getting into Islam was a one way street.

Islam was a dead end, where you could enter, (in fact you were forced to enter at the pain of death) , but could never leave, since you would be killed. In fact such was the indoctrination and mass hysteria that Mohammed (yimach shmo…) started, that in a generation or so, the new converts forgot that their forefathers were not Muslims, and in fact in North Africa, they even forgot that they were not Arabs. They forgot that their forefathers were made to submit to Islam at the pain of death.

This sealed the fate of all those who were forced to embrace Islam from ever becoming decent thinking humans ever again.

Only the total destruction of non-Muslim heritage and wholesale slaughter of non-Muslims has got the Muslims Victory

With every Muslim military victory, there was not just a change of ruler, but a wholesale slaughter of those who refused to convert or pay Jaziya. There was also a total destruction of the pre-Islamic culture, educational institution, libraries, etc. The planned and deliberately implemented slaughter of the non-Muslim priestly and warrior class was done to enfeeble the conquered populace so much that they would forget who they were their national and cultural identity be subsumed under a newly imposed Arabized Muslim identity.

This kind of tyranny was never known to the human race, with any other conqueror, like Alexander, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, or even those who came after the Muslims like the British Colonialists, or the Spanish Conquistadors. Yes the Spanish Conquistadors were ruthless, but in spite of all they did to he native Americans, the naïve Americans still have preserved their memory of they being a people different from the Spanish Conquistadors, not so with the Egyptians, North Africans, Berbers, et al.

Ask any Egyptian who he is, he will say he is an Arab, were the Pharaohs Arabs? Were the builders of the Pyramids, Arab? Ask any Libyan, Sudanese, Algerian, Tunisian, Somalian, who he is he will say he is an Arab. These are people, whom the conquering Muslim Arab, so Arabized that they have forgotten who they are, their national identities have completely been submerged into the Arab Muslim Ummah.

This has not happened with the native Americans or the Maoris or the Africans, in spite of the fact that apartheid was practiced in South Africa. The Arabs as conquerors totally brainwashed at the point of the sword all the conquered people, Arabized and Islamized them at the pain of death.

Knowing all this is relevant today for those who seek to defeat Islam. To do so we have to first understand the depth of depravity in Islam. If the Muslims have to be saved from Islam, then it is not sufficient to conquer the Muslim countries and try to being democracy to them, wehave to de-Islamize these people, if they are to be emancipated into civilized beings.

Islam has brutalized them and made them robotic followers and into robotic killers, narrow-minded individuals, despotic rulers, and cruel sadists by following the injunctions of
the Instruction Manual of Terrorism (the Quran). This is proven by the bloodied Shiite-Sunni murders that have started in Iraq despite elections, and elections by people who support a murderous creed throw up murders as their legislators as in the case of Hamas and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Islam is a perverted mentality, a mental sickness based on intimidation to convert all non-Muslims to Islam, and to murder if you refuse to convert. And if you manage to save your head, then you have to live under their dehumanizing tyranny and live as non-Muslims (Dhimmis or Zimmis).

The Retrograde Negative Spirit of Islam pervades all across that Islamic civilization(sic). Although to call it "civilization" is a contradiction in terms

The very first verse uttered by that lecherous mass-murderer, the accursed Mohammed-ibn-abdallah was "La Ilah Il Allah, Mohammed ur Rasoolallah" which translated literally would read "No god but god, Mohammed is prophet of god". In Arabic "La" connotes "No". So what can one expect from a mentality whose very first of its five principles is based on negativism?

Negativism permeates all through Islam, its attitudes towards all non-Muslims, its use of dishonesty to portray itself as a victim, its murderous intent towards all those who refuse to convert to Islam, its use of any level of cruelty to Islamize entire humankind.

We can save ourselves from this Malignant Madness of Islam, only if we see it through to its grave. The other option is landing in the grave ourselves along with liberty, progress and free-thinking, freedom of speech and scientific advancement, all of which will be become slaves to that Instruction Manual of Hate and Terror – the Quran.

Why is a threat of death the only way to defeat Islam?

Islam was spread with the use of death threats. The defeated non-Muslims were given the choice of Islam or Death. After having been forced to accept Islam through such terminal coercion, the converted people had no way of renouncing Islam. If they did so, they were targeted as Murtads (apostates) and were killed. It is mandatory in Islam for Muslims to kill anyone who leaves the cult. So the converts were forced to remain Muslims. And as this was their fate, then the best bet for them was to imbibe the murderous attitude themselves and impose it on others.

Today although "Islam or Death" is not possible openly, unless you live in Muslim ruled countries of the Islamic crescent like Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan or in areas contiguous to Muslim majority areas like Malaku in Indonesia, Southern Sudan, Kashmir, North Nigeria.

Muslim converts today are convicts or psychological wrecks like Jose Padilla and Richard Reid

But the Muslims have devised ingenious methods to reach those best suited for Islam, so they evangelize in Prisons, where they can appeal to the dregs of society, or those come from broken families, those who have gone through divorces, or those who have had some heart-breaking personal experience.

It is on the emotions of such unfortunate wrecks and irredeemable convicts that these Muslim missionaries prey like vultures and hyenas to make them join the murderous ranks of Islam. Richard Reid, the Shoe bomber, Jose Padilla are specimen of those who become Muslim today.

The cardinal fact is that across the fourteen centuries of Islam’s existence, it has been its death threat that made people Muslim and it was the same death threat that kept them Muslim. The same death threats are used today to intimate Ayan Hirsi Ali, Salman Rushdie and many others like them to keep them from speaking the truth about Islam.

He who was born by the sword shall die by the sword

Modifying the age-old adage "He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword." We can say that "Islam which was born by the sword shall die by the sword" As it was a death threat that made people into Muslims and kept them as Muslims, the only way these scum can be shaken out of their adherence to the savagery called Islam is a death threat. Not individual death threats as the Muslims hurl today at Hirsi and Salman, but a death threat of extermination through a nuclear holocaust of the entire Muslim population across the globe!

Only when the beastlike Muslims see the determination of a world to do them in, upto their last man and woman, can the Ummah of Islam be smashed.

When the Muslims see that there is no option other than death, if they persist in remaining Muslim, will the fort of Islam be breached and once the first trickle of Muslims who renounce Islam starts, the trickle will turn into a flood and an avalanche that will wipe out Islam.

Yes there will certainly be many Muslims who will try to kill those who renounce Islam, but when these murderers are themselves hunted down with equal ferocity, will the lay Muslims believe that it is safe for them to give up Islam. Then and only then, shall we see Muslims coming over in droves to give up Islam. But this can happen only we seriously hurl and start executing a death threat of mass killing of all Muslims across the globe. There are no soft options here.

Do we have it in us to do that?

The answer decides whether civilization wins or Islam wins!


* For those uninitiated, PBUH expands to Perpetual Battle Upon Hagarism (Islam) – founded by the mass-murderer and pedophile pretender prophet Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah (Yimach Shmo – May his name and memory be obliterated).


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