Dangerous Cults and Finis Dake Articles

Thank you for visiting TheDakeBible.com.  This website contains articles on Finis Dake (the author of the Dake Study Bible as well as many other books). While Finis Dake’s followers do not qualify as a ‘cult’, many of his teachings and published materials are ‘cultic’ in nature and are more extreme and un-biblical than many cults.

Thousands of Christians buy the Dake Bible every year (and many thousands of Pastors use it). Very few though have taken the time to really read and understand how far Dake has moved from orthodox, biblical, and historical Christianity and into false and un-biblical beliefs.  I would liken his teachings to ‘a wolf in sheeps clothing’ because he mixes some good teachings with deep seated error and false beliefs.

Below are our Dake articles arranged starting with the newest at the top and the oldest at the bottom.