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  1. Glen McCall
    11/19/2012 @ 2:27 pm


    I find your writings very interesting.
    Only recently have I began to study the history of the Anabaptist. Though I am a historian by education and vocation, my field of study, for the most part, is Roman era and earlier.

    After studying the Anabaptist history and doctrine, I came to the realization that my teachings, my believes, and my religious group fall squarely into the borders of the Anabaptist. I had heard of the Anabaptist in passing, but thought that it was in some way connected with the Baptist church. I was shockingly wrong! Unless I am missing something, the “church of Christ” is of the Anabaptist heritage.

    My questions:
    1. Are your aware of the teachings of the “church of Christ”?
    2. Have you ever associated the “church of Christ” with the Anabaptist heritage?

    Though I was a history professor for several years and have been preaching for near 40 years, I am ashamed that I never investigated the Anabaptist history.
    I would like to converse, by email, with someone who has the time to direct me in my continuing study of the history of the movement.

    Thank you for your article,
    Glen McCall
    Rogers, Arkansas


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